"Lovely..... deep and moving." 

~ Kaye Russell, Arizona, USA

​"Love it."

~Anilah, Sunshine Coast, Canada

"I've been a experiencing ElementalRhythm's mixin' abilities for years now, and he has fashioned a beautiful style that is eclectic, pulsing, spiritual and contemporary all at once." 

~ Zamir Dhanji, Vancouver, Canada

"...Has wonderful musical taste and an ear for the Spirit in music." 

~ Shine, The Outback,  Australia

Off the hook epicness, you are a decks wizard, and an earth angel.

So epic, your work is play to my ears, keep dreaming your heart opening sound into this realm brother. <3 

~Heidi Holland, Melbourne, Australia

∞ Dj ElementalRhythm produces ambient masterpieces featuring sounds of the natural world laced with innovative contemporary beats. His original mixes are wildly experiential whereby listeners journey deep and high into realms abroad via an exotic soundscape that seamlessly shifts from tribal to transcendental. ElementalRhythm brilliantly bridges the gap between heaven and earth by activating multidimensional transformations. His aural treasures touch the pulse of just how medicinal music can be. ∞

~Hialaya Jahaya, Florida, USA

"I love your music it takes me to a different spiritual vibe - it feels good for the soul! Thank you for your beautiful music!"

~ Cece Love, Canada

"ElementalRhythm's  sound mixes  got us up and dancing right away. Hypnotic, primordial base & musical beats blending together into one story to last you through the night." 

~ Monique K. & Dave W., Mexico

"It's all in the rhythm, the background, the tempo... It is very inspiring...you are a genius...I just love listening to these pieces and sometimes I tear up"

~Zofia S., California, USA

"I was swept under the ocean of the rhythm on the dance floor, completely free of the thought that there could be a better place to be and most inspired to see the interpretations of vibration all around me..." 

~ Qristine H., Vancouver, Canada

"...One does not even have to have a pre-existing emotional reference to any particular track to feel your invitation toward inclusion.  It is like I am already there somewhere in the music, and you are just bringing me back to my own cellular origins of the Primal Sound..." 

~ Amarhaya, Salt Spring Island

"Thank You. Truly was a blessing to dance to such beautiful inspiring music and allow for my spirit to flow fluidly through movement... ∞"

~ Adélie Arc-en Ciel, Montreal, Canada

"My friend plays [your mix] anytime he needs a perspective boost and mental clarity."

~ Eli Kaiser, Carribean

"I just want to share the INCREDIBLE experience i had with Dj ElementalRhythm..I've been craving a spiritual, integrated worldmusic extravaganza and it's just what was delivered, the music was balanced, soulful, funky, alive and creative."  

~ Ra'Am Ayan, Canada

"A dear friend of mine recently hired ElementalRhythm to play at his party. I was impressed with how easy it was to dance, express and play with both myself, and the other beings present. It was cathartic. [He] mixes the spiritual with the sacred to create a unique experience, but you have to tune into it to get it... Hope to meet you on the dance floor again! Our Naharaj experience was so cool." 

~ Elaine Joe, Canada

"Most unique DJ I've ever heard. Powerful Life Changing Music."

~ Sonya, Dortmund, Germany

"[His] artistry~ Known internationally as Dj ElementalRhythm ~ is a divine force of medicinal music, featuring nature's gorgeously pulsing tones & moans, weaved throughout wildly ancient and cosmically fresh beats. His original mixes are experiential journeys, whereby listeners can enjoy a blissful flight or an enchanting dive into realms abroad, via an exotic soundscape of deeply wondrous treasures. One will not only feel his musical creations, but be wildly cleansed by their beauty. DJ ElementalRhythm is a masterful producer . . . a true genius, helping bridge the gap between heaven & earth by "activating multidimensional transformations." ∞ 

~ Heidi D., New York, USA

"it take me officially away.. .. Just close eyes and leave. .... thank u <3"

~Perrine Y., Belgium

ElementalRhythm sets have also been described by dancers as: "dope", "sacred", "soooo gooood", "grounding", "healing, "ecstatic", "full-spectrum", "overflowing", "alchemical",  "transformative", "ineffable" & "Sublime"....

After opening up for international acts Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project, Makyo, DrumSpyder, The Human Experience and Jinniyah from Japan - he has received critical acclaim from all of them...