Hello, I'm Jake!

I am a Elemental Rhythm facilitator and want to share my story with you.

Little did I know that my life was about to be forever changed.

During my first breathwork session with Gio, in the breathing part, I experienced physical and energetic sensations, as many people do.

But the real shift happened in the meditation and after the experience.

I got in touch with my inner child – and suddenly had memories surface that I had been unaware of my whole adult life. I believed I needed to suppress them because they were too painful to feel.

I understood that I needed to accept, integrate and love the parts of myself I had suppressed following this trauma.

As the experience came to an end, I cried incessantly for an hour.

And I realized something: the stomach issues I had experienced for the last 10 years were gone!

Astounded, I shared my insights with Gio. Gio was happy yet not surprised since he had witnessed similar sudden healing experiences many times.

After the profound breathwork experience and the retreat, I underwent major life transformations where everything around me fell apart.

I sensed that he wanted a new direction in my life, and decided to become a breathwork facilitator by joining an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator training in Alaska.

Soon after graduating, I started to host breathwork sessions in his apartment.

Just like Gio had done with him a couple months prior, I witnessed remarkable shifts and transformations – even from people skeptical of breathwork’s impact.

Becoming a breathwork facilitator was incredibly healing not only to my students, but to myself.

As I started to change, so did the world around me.

I saw a positive change in my relationships, finances, and how I showed up at work – all from leading people through breathwork.

And the gastrointestinal problems? Five months after my healing experience, the symptoms were still gone.

If you feel ready to experience similar positive shifts in your life, but have questions, you can now book a call with me!

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  4. Explore the powerful breathwork techniques and tools you’ll learn, which can positively impact both your life and the lives of those you work with as a facilitator.

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