Start Breathing

Start Breathing

Click one of the four different breathing options below and get started on your journey. From learning the Breathing Fundamentals in the Course Section, to starting a  21 day Mindwork reprogramming journey. 

21 Day Mindwork

Mind Work Tracks (MWTs) combine a mix of breathwork, visualization, music, meditation and subconscious reprogramming techniques to take you on a 21 day journey of transformation.

Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to reprogram the subconscious mind is through repetition plus emotion.

We have created step by step a process that builds and guides you over 21 days to rewire your brain.

See our list of categories below and get started today on something you want to work on in your life!


We recommend starting your Journey with Breathing Fundamentals Course or Creative Visioning. These will give you a good foundation to build upon.

Breathing properly will help you perform daily to manage your stress levels and nervous system. 

Creative visioning will help you get clear on where you are going…. of course you can explore as you wish. These are our recommendations for you but as always trust your intuition. 

Remember to post about your experiences in the Groups and Forums we want to hear from you! – Elemental Rhythm

Guided Experiences

You can use this section of the site for Daily Breathwork Videos on Demand. You can use these in conjunction with other courses or mindwork tracks to supplement your learning experience.  You can choose from the options below. We always recommend starting with our Breathing Fundamentals Course.

Weekly Live Session

Join a live breathwork facilitator hold space for members in the unique Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience.

Each session takes place Monday nights at 8PM EST and is included with your monthly membership!

Become a Breathwork Facilitator