Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee is an Energy Alchemist, Breathwork Coach and Birth Coach.

As a grounding force, Jessica guides individuals to connect with sacred energy to bring forth profound birthing experiences.  Participants are brought to discover their self limiting beliefs to birth self while expectant parents are guided to usher in new life through the sacred portal of creation.

Her signature coaching style exceeds traditional boundaries to elicit deep personal shifts as she creates a safe space for individuals to feel nurtured as the journey unfolds without attachment.

For over two decades Jessica has been trained in several modalities  and  leverages her interdisciplinary educational knowledge in Meditation, Homeopathy, Shamanism, Aura Soma, Holistic Body Work and Reiki to complement her offerings.

Jessica’s mastery of holding space foster’s attunement of mind, body and spirit as she is dedicated to finding your inner breathing space and awakening your sacred healer.