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"Breathwork is the next BIG wellness trend! Demand is increasing daily and I only see it increasing exponentially over the next decade!"
- Giovanni Bartolomeo


A Blueprint To Becoming
A Breathwork Facilitator

“One of the greatest feelings in the world is guiding someone through an Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience. The realization that they have everything they need, and it already exists within them is a powerful tool. Breathwork is one of the most simple yet powerful tools I have come across in my entire life and I have tried A LOT of things. It is an ancient secret ready to be re-shared with the world.”
– Giovanni Bartolomeo


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Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience Facilitation (ONLINE)

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Program was created by Giovanni Bartolomeo as a tool to help himself release tension and emotional blockages, find clarity, improve performance and to deepen his meditation and self awareness.
Over the last 10 years he has explored various forms of sound, movement, connection, breathwork and guided meditation, and taken his favourite elements from various practices to curate a unique experience, one that has produced incredible results in a very short period of time. Many people have an impactful experience on their first session. Once he began sharing it with others he quickly realized what worked for him was also working for those he shared it with.
The Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (Level 1 Training) combines sound, movement, various breathing patterns and holds, guided mediation and support circles to create an experience like no other. When practiced regularly we have seen some incredible transformations in peoples lives.
In the Level 1 Training you will be taught everything you need to know in order to facilitate this experience. This will be an online training, there may be in-person week long destination retreats offered in the future as well.
Trainings will be done over zoom, with additional support materials including self study manual and recorded videos.
The Level 1 Program is 6 weeks in duration.

Level 1: Online Training Outline

By Completing Level 1 Certification You Will:


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Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Coaching (ONLINE)

Prerequisite: Level 1

Level 2 consists of two parts in a back to back weekend session Breathing Functional Breathing Fundamentals and Elemental Rhythm Breathwork coaching.

Functional Breathing Fundamentals LEVEL 2A

This program was designed because we noticed that many people were having amazing experiences with the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (EBE) but still had very poor breathing mechanics. Many people do not breathe properly. Incorrect breathing can lead to many physical mental and even emotional challenges in life. Anything from poor circulation, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, asthma, poor athletic performance, erectile disfunction high blood pressure and many more can be directly related to incorrect breathing.

The course we developed can help people not only correct their breathing but potentially reverse many of the issues they may be currently facing. The body is an amazing tool and with a little bit of practice and dedication amazing changes can occur.

As part of our training we will be educating the facilitators to use these techniques on themselves so they can then share and teach others. You will be able to impact peoples live and eventually get paid to do it as well!

Once you have completed this level you will be able to work with clients 1 on 1 and help them improve their breathing mechanics as well as help improve mental and emotional states of being.

Level 2: Online Training Outline

By Completing Level 2A You Will:

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Elemental Rhythm Breath Coaching (ONLINE)

Breath Coaching LEVEL 2B

In part 2 of our level 2 training we dive a little deeper “holding space” as a coach for our clients.

As we started working more with clients and students 1 on 1 our breathwork sessions and fundamentals sessions started evolving into coaching sessions. Many things come up in an experience from emotional release to gaining clarity and insights. In this training we teach facilitators how to hold space for their clients, and help them to continue to grow with their new insights and learnings.

Holding space is not about having the answers or teaching the clients or giving advice. It’s really about active listening, asking the right questions, helping them to come up with their own solutions or ideas and holding them accountable for the things they commit to.

In this training we provide a framework to accomplish all this and more with practice sessions over a 8 week period to get you completely comfortable working with others to assist in their personal development and transformational journey.

In this level We also introduce and teach our Elemental Mind Work program that follows a subconscious reprogramming process that combine breathwork with guided prompts and meditation to help the client unlock their full potential. 

This allows the coach to customize breathwork sessions for each client and help them go deeper into areas of their life they wish to explore and unpack.

By Completing Level 2B Certification You Will:

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Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover in your Breathwork facilitator Training...

2022 Live Online Training Start Dates

No Prerequisite for Level 1

Level 1

Nov 20 – 21, 2021

Jan 29 – 30, 2022
Apr 23 – 24, 2022
July 9 – 10, 2022
Nov 5 – 6, 2022

Weekly live calls take place Tuesday nights 8pm EST

Level 1 – Training Weekend Hours Sat/Sun 9am – 3pm EST

Level 2

Feb 26 – 27, 2022 
Sept 23 – 24, 2022

Weekly live calls take place Thursday nights 8pm EST

Level 2 – Two Day Workshop Hours Sat / Sun 9am – 3pm EST

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I wanted to thank Giovanni and the Elemental Rhythm Team for putting together such a wonderful training program. I felt loved and supported the entire way and I completed the course having confidence in my ability to create a transformational experience for others.
Sachin Patel


Learning not only how to teach the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience, but also the power of our breath on our mind, body and spirit was so empowering. This unique breathwork training allows you to tap into your own creativity to combine movement, sound, breath and meditation to curate a beautiful class. I truly felt we were given all the tools to understand the practice of breathwork, how to facilitate and hold space, as well as the business side of how to begin teaching your own classes. I felt prepared to begin hosting classes immediately. I would highly recommend this training to anyone hoping to help themselves and others transform their lives with the power of breath.
Alia Jiwani


I've been feeling the call to facilitate a breath class for a while now. Most breath courses follow a strict guideline with a very rigid structure. The Elemental Rhythm course is in a league of its own, not only with their specific teaching approach to the fundamentals of breathing but with the addition of movement and guided meditation. Being able to learn and combine these into a single experience is very powerful medicine. The added bonus is that it teaches a framework that allows you to add your own creativity and personality to, so while you are teaching with the tools provided, you are free to create your own art with it. To me this is what puts this course into a different stratosphere. I highly recommend it!
Jay Ziebarth


This program completely changed who I am and how I think. I've been in search of my calling for so long and I've always felt very connected to breathwork. I'm honored to have finally learned the proper way to facilitate these classes and further to that how to coach people on living better lives through the use of a free tool we all have THE BREATH.
Vincenzo Caputo


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Level One

Facilitator Training Course Outline
$ 1,497
  • LIVE - Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience Weekend Workshop vis Videoconference Sat/Sun (12 hours)
  • Weekly calls over zoom 1.5 hour per week for 6 weeks (9 hours)
  • 30 minutes daily self practice with new exercises weekly (21 hours over 6 weeks)
  • 1 Weekly 1 Hour Call with Partner (6 hours)
  • 10 independent breathwork practice sessions with friends and family (90 minutes each = 15 hours)
  • Online final Oral Exam and Certification (2 hours)

Level Two

Breathwork Fundamentals
$ 1,497
  • LIVE ONLINE - Two Day Workshop Exploring Fundamentals of Breathing (Mainly Technics and Some Science) (12 hours)
  • Weekly calls over zoom 1.5 hour per week for 8 weeks (12 hours)
  • 30 minutes daily self practice with new exercises weekly (21 hours over 8 weeks)
  • 1 Weekly 1 Hour Practice Call with Partner (12 hours)
  • 10 independent practice sessions with friends and family (10 hours)
  • Online final Oral Exam and Certification (2 hours)

Bundle Both Levels

Complete Training Course
$ 2,497
  • Full Access to all Courses

  • Save $1497
  • Flexible Enrolment Dates

Why take Breathwork Facilitator Training?

Once you complete your facilitator training and pass your certification exam you will be able to share this amazing modality with others.

The experience from taking the course alone will be profound for most but the experience of sharing it with others will bring incredible value into your life. Helping others through breathing is fulling and can also be financially rewarding as well.

Start your journey today by making a commitment to yourself and registering for the next training!

I’m Looking forward to connecting and sharing the gift of Breathwork with you.

– Gio

Meet Our Founder
Giovanni Bartolomeo

Giovanni is an entrepreneur and life adventurer who has a passion for teaching, experiential learning and creating deep connections with others. He is the founder of Elemental Wellness studio in Toronto and Co-Founder of The Personal Development School among many other ventures.

He is always looking for the next consciousness expanding learning experience whether it be climbing mountains in his shorts with Wim Hof, participating in Traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies, or challenging his mind and body to see what new limits he can reach. Gio is a breathwork facilitator and Life/Executive coach and Founder of Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Programs and Facilitator Training.

He Launched his third podcast in 2020 called the Elemental Awakening to go along with his YouTube channel (Elemental Awakening). You can watch his documentary on Plant Medicine called Psyched Out for free through his YouTube channel!

He’s an entrepreneur at heart and loves to create new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day!