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Breath Holds and Advanced Breathing

Breath Holds 

Max Breath Hold – A maximum breath hold is a great sign of overall health and longevity. The ket to this exercise is to do it first thing in the morning to find a baseline. Breath normally for about a minute. Take a full deep breath in and hold. Try to focus your awareness on your body and totally relax. As you feel the feeling of discomfort toward the end try to remain calm. When you finally exhale do your best not to gasp for air but to normalize your breathing as naturally as possible. 

Acute Intermittent Hypoxia  – 1-5 rounds of elemental rhythm (either style) followed by max breath hold. This style of breath helps push the participant into a state of hypoxia for a short period of time. As they breathe they release CO2 (remember CO2 levels are what signal us the urge to breathe) as CO2 levels drop lower it will take longer to feel that urge and when we hold on an exhale we have less oxygen in our system thus moving us into an deeper state of hypoxia. This will stimulate stem cell production, the creation of new capillaries and blood vessels, increase longevity, increase red blood cell production and more.


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