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Business Advice

  1. Email Lists – keep contact with everyone you breathe.
  2. Social Media – different platforms, online classes, pros and cons. Testimonials, lives, story etc. 
  3. Consistency – build a community and a following by being consistent and showing up even when it’s hard, that 1 student that shows up can be the turning point in your business, or you can change their life.
  4. Community – you are the leader, hold space, be humble, don’t make it about you, setting boundaries.
  5. Costs (standard costs you can promote online)
    1. Single Class $25-40
    2. 1 on 1 $150 – $250 for 60-90 minutes
    3. Semi Private (divide by $150/ hour)
    4. Retreat / Corporate $250/session minimum recommended $500 (multiply out a. by # of people
    5. 8 Week coaching program $999 – $1500 (advertise at $1500 and you can discount to $999 for private or group coaching
  6. Referrals – Certification program, your community. Always ask, if you know anyone who might benefit please connect me with them.
  7. Elemental Rhythm Network / Online – use your affiliate code and give your students access to our app and courses as a supplement to the work they do with you so they can continue their practice daily.


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