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Combining Breathwork and Coaching

Our two flagship breathing protocols are very different and very powerful. The breakthrough experience is very energetic, uplifting and helps people breakthrough and process emotions and clear their minds while on the other hand the elemental flow down regulates the nervous system to release emotions and calm the mind. We recommend doing at least one session of each before moving forward to the mindwork process being sure to take note of the experiences in detail. Even if you have someone who has been to many classes but has not done a 1 on 1 we highly recommend starting here. Once we have done all of the above we can start moving into the mindwork sessions. You can come back to one of these at any time you feel the client is stuck or needs a reset. 

For the majority of sessions in the 1 on 1 integration coaching we recommend using flow style of breathwork for about 3-4 rounds or 20 minutes and then going into the MINDWORK for about 10-15 minutes followed by a coaching session of 20-30 minutes.

The ERBE experience is transformational in itself and should be integrated from time to time into regular sessions. It can really help to connect/heal inner child trauma and challenges, emotional release and self love. We have seen and heard of the most incredible breakthroughs with this method. Where the facilitator comes in is to help integrate the experiences and create a game plan to take action into daily life. Sometimes you can even substitute a session for an ERBE to help move through blockages or when you feel like the sessions may be hitting a wall.

For trauma informed information and using the flow sequence please refer to your level 1 training manual and online resources.


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