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Course Outline

In order to get the most out of this training please make sure you take the following courses on our website! You can do them as we work together over the next few months so theres no need to finish them all before starting! Just get started!

  • Breathwork Fundamentals Coaching Course
  • The Creative Visioning Process
  • Intro to Subconscious Reprogramming with Thais Gibson

This Coaching Program can be used for 1 on 1 clients, in a day or weekend workshop or in a group learning session in person or online. 

Once certified each facilitator will be able to: 

  1. Created a specific program for a client to help them work through various aspects of their life. 
  2. Effectively coach an individual or small group through breathwork based reprogramming techniques.
  3. Empower their clients to help themselves and transform old patterns.

By Completing Level 2 Training in addition to learning all of the foundation coaching principles and ethics you will have all the skills necessary to bring a client through our 4 step MINDWORK & Integration process.

  1. Uncovering the Root – Guided Breathwork Session with Reprogramming Processes
  2. Exploring the experience  – Coaching Session – active listening, intuitive questioning, challenging beliefs and digging deeper
  3. Integration Conversation – creating a plan for the week ahead or between sessions
  4. Accountability Tools – giving tools to help keep client accountable including online resources, and breathing fundamentals

Follow up Assessment – Exploring the integration week prior to next session to see what has come up and what direction to take the next session

Training Outline

Weekend Intensive – 2 full day live training

Weekly Calls starting Next thursday (1 week off)

  • We will spend 15 minutes each call on Breathing Fundamentals Review
  • Remainder of call will be for Q&A about your session

Self Practice

  1. Creative Visioning Process -start your own 21 day journey
  2. Complete Fundamentals Coaching Training Course 
  3. Watch Supplementary videos and sample sessions
    1. Intro to subconscious reprogramming
    2. Creative visioning process
    3. Thais Gibson Interview
  4. Month 1 – 4 practice sessions with Student Partner 
  5. Month 2 – 4 practice sessions with Student Partner
  6. Month 3 – 4 practice sessions with Final Student Partner
  7. Month 4 – Find your own 2 Clients to work with and submit your final exam. 

Weekly Calls will be held on Thursdays at 8pm where we will review breathing fundamentals coaching for approx 10-15minutes and then explore Q&A from your practice sessions.

You will also be responsible for creating a daily breathwork practice (min 5 minutes daily) and working through your own mindwork tracks on elemental rhythm. More details to follow on the weekly calls

You will be responsible for active participation in the signal group to share feedback on your sessions weekly.

How to access recorded calls and groups on ElementalRhythm.com


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