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The Intention of this training course is to give the certified instructor tools to help bring awareness to mental and emotional blocks (on the surface and in the subconscious mind) and give a step by step program to help the client have their own realizations in order to create long lasting changes.

Many clients that have participated in our single sessions have had the desire to go deeper, so we created these tools in collaboration with Thais Gibson, founder of the Personal Development School, to help those clients achieve incredible results. We also wanted to provide the coaches with basic coaching tools and etiquette to again provide the best results for both them as coaches and in turn those they serve. 

There are a few key pillar that make this style of coaching so effective:

  1. Improved Breathing – improving breathing mechanics and awareness to everyday breathing will help improv all aspects of life (mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual)
  2. Guided Breathwork
  3. Subconscious Reprogramming
  4. Intuitive Coaching
  5. Accountability and Integration

As we work with clients we will meet them where they are, we will help them to unlock and heal limiting beliefs and core wounds from their past, help them to have a clear path forward to create their own future and ultimately show them and empower them to live their life in the present moment feeling fulfilled, happy and inspired!

Welcome to our Level 2 Facilitator Coaching Course! When you complete this course you will be able to help your clients go deeper and help unlock their true potential. Below the video you will find a downloadable PDF manual for this course.


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