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Making a Comittment

Commitment (Ours and Theirs)

Ask them what their level of commitment is and make sure that you also have a high level of commitment yourself, be punctual, always show up, have good communication of any changes etc. As a coach you agree to Share, Support, and hold them Accountable and invite them to be a part of our community for additional support (www.elementalrhythm.com)

Please create “Your Personal Coaching Commitment” letter. Date and sign it. Make sure it aligns with everything above and even elements from the code of conducts. It should include how you wish to show up, how to be a good example and whatever else you feel will be relevant in you making a deep unwavering commitment to be a great coach. 

You should also get your clients to make a commitment to you and to themselves before embarking on a coaching journey with them. They can write a simple letter or you can have one drafter for them that they can sign or add to. Be creative. Keep it simple yet powerful.


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