Transform Lives with Elemental Rhythm's Breathwork Facilitator Training in King City

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Whether you’re a wellness coach, a spiritual seeker, or someone who has personally experienced the transformative power of breathwork, our King City training is for you. 

You’ve faced challenges, sought deeper connections, and are now eager to expand your horizons and make a lasting impact. We resonate with your aspirations and are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

In this unique training you will learn:
  • How to facilitate your own fully curated breathwork sessions including:
    • How to create your own playlists
    • Facilitate a deeply transformational breathwork experience
    • Guide mediations, create a safe space
  • Guide a sharing circle and more.
  • Learn all about breathing fundamentals and how to teach your clients to breathe better for an optimized lifestyle
  • How to Market and Fill up your classes
  • How to create your own breathwork community and network
  • How to adapt this practice to an existing business
  • A trauma informed approach to breathwork
  • A lot about yourself and so much more.

Inspiring Stories:

Participants Share Their Transformative Experiences in the Breathwork Facilitator Training

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Who Is This For?

Whether you’re a King City resident seeking a breathwork facilitator training close to home or a wellness practionaire looking for a retreat style training experience, this training is your gateway to mastering breathwork in a unique setting.

  • Wellness coaches, spiritual seekers, or anyone looking to expand their offerings.
  • Those passionate about breathwork and its transformative power.
  • Individuals seeking community support and personal or business growth.
  • Anyone aiming to provide a competitive edge in their practice or service.

Why Book a Discovery Call?

  1. Personalized Guidance: Understand how Elemental Rhythm’s training can align with your unique goals and aspirations.
  2. Comprehensive Business Support: From website setup, client bookings to marketing strategies, we provide a holistic approach to ensure your success.
  3. Community Connection: Join our vibrant community of facilitators and benefit from the collective wisdom and support system we’ve nurtured.
  4. Scientific Foundation: Delve into the science behind breathwork and its transformative effects on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  5. Goal Alignment Session: Discuss your personal and professional aspirations to see how our training complements your journey.
  6. Curriculum Overview: Get insights into our comprehensive curriculum, encompassing key breathwork techniques and essential skills for facilitators.
  7. Resource Access: Familiarize yourself with the plethora of resources, tools, and continuous support available throughout and post-training.
  8. Technique Mastery: Master powerful breathwork techniques that not only elevate your practice but also empower those you guide as a facilitator.

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Spaces are limited for this exclusive training. Book a discovery call now to secure your place in this once-in-a-lifetime Florida experience.

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