Elemental Rhythm X Nessi Gomes

Go on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and self connection with this mesmerizing fusion of breathwork and ethereal melodies.

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Meet Nessi Gomes:

The Voice behind The Breathwork Track

Born on the tiny Island of Guernsey to a Portuguese family, Singer-Songwriter Nessi Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, emotional and ‘larger than life’ Fado folk music with British progressive modern inspiration.
Her acclaimed debut album Diamonds & Demons was released in October 2016 and received lots of media attention and radio support in Europe and the UK. Since she played in 30 countries including major festivals and stages. Parallel she created the ever-growing Vocal Odyssey workshops and retreats that encourage participants to meet with the spirit of their voice. https://www.nessigomesmusic.com/

Darkness to Light

Our intention for this collaboration was to create an experience that would help you to truly connect with yourself and unlock deeper layers of self awareness. It was a hard task to choose only a few tracks from Nessi Gomes amazing library of songs as each one was carefully selected to guide you through this the different layers of this transformational experience.

No matter where you are at in this moment this journey has the potential to provide something powerful and specific to each person who chooses to dive in.

Its great to do alone or with a friends and of course to share with someone you think would benefit from it! We hope you enjoy it.

-Gio & Nessi

Produced by

Roxy Moon

Darkness to Light

40 mins

Darkness to Light will help you to truly connect with yourself and unlock deeper layers of self awareness.

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Behind the Beats:

A Collaboration Born Through Synchronicity

Gio (already a big Nessi fan) found himself sitting at a table with Nessi and her husband Lino at a mutual friend’s wedding in the desert of Joshua Tree a few years ago. Years later, Gio was teaching at Rythmia and heard that Nessi would be performing there live in the next few weeks so decided to join for the week. The experiences that unfolded were mindblowing, to say the least. During the ceremony Nessi, guided by the powerful medicine, led an experience that blew Gio’s mind (and almost everyone else there that night). In that session a vision came to Gio to propose a collaboration so that others could listen to Nessi’s music in a deeper way through the power of breathwork.

It was something Gio had never done before but he knew it could work. So before the week was over he asked her and her partner/manager Lino what they thought about the idea. They were willing to give it a try. Gio was optimistic but also unsure of how things might unfold.

It took them almost a year to complete the track. We wanted to get it just right and create as close to a magical experience as possible where people could experience the magic of Nessi’s music and lyrics in a heightened state, combined with Elemental Rhythm Breathwork.

Now, they’re finally happy with the final outcome and are so excited to share it with as many people as possible, and decided to make it free to all.

So, if you have an impactful experience with this track, we ask you to share it with someone you think might benefit from the experience.

How to use this track

We recommend finding a comfortable space where you can lay down and relax with a good set of headphones or a powerful speaker and ease right into it. Remember to breathe deeply and follow Gio’s guidance throughout the track.

Please check our contraindications for safety considerations and we do not recommend breathwork if you are pregnant or in water or any situation that may become dangerous if you become dizzy or lose consciousness. (Click here for contraindications)

You may feel all different kinds of bodily sensations with any and all of your senses – the scariest sensation is tetany where your hands and extremities can cramp up. Although it may be alarming to experience, it is safe, and you are not in any danger of hurting yourself in any way. Overall Breathwork is extremely safe, so trust yourself. If you want any of the feelings to settle or subside you can come back to a slow relaxed breathing pace at any time.

full interview with Nessi

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