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Step Into a World Where Self-Improvement Meets Real Impact

Self-development and wellness have boomed and gone mainstream.

There has never been a better time to step up and make a real impact.

As the world is changing fast, people are looking for answers.

More and more of us realize those answers can’t be provided by the mind alone – but require us to reconnect to all aspects of ourselves.

So what if there were a golden key simultaneously unlocking the full potential of your body, mind and emotions?

That key exists and you’re using it right now: your breath.

But with over 80% of adults missing out on the healing potential of each breath, you’ve got work to do.

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Is Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator Right for You?

You Want Something That

Gives quick results: The ability to produce rapid results for your clients that is easily accessible and safe, and can feel a change in a single session.

Yields peaceful afterglow: The peaceful post-practice glow of yoga, but also for people who “aren’t flexible” or lack the patience to do savasana – let alone practice for months to see results.

Creates connection: The connecting quality of meditation, but also for people who “can’t meditate” or are not into spirituality.

Is incredibly convenient: The portability of a cellphone – no need for expensive or bulky props, but accessible to anyone anywhere.

Is highly customizable: The flexibility to adapt what you’ll learn to your current business and schedule

Has real impact: An opportunity to start at your own pace and make extra income doing something meaningful and fulfilling

Paves the path to freedom: The potential to transform into a full-time career that give you flexibility to do what you want when you want.

If you ticked one or many of these boxes, Elemental Rhythm Breathwork might be just what you’re looking for!

And that’s true whether you have years of experience in multiple modalities or have never hosted a workshop before.

Many of our successful facilitators had no prior experience in the self-development space and are now creating thriving businesses, allowing them to help others while generating a new source of income and making incredible new connections doing something they love.



Some people are calling breathwork the new yoga (although pranayama breathwork has been a part of yoga for thousands of years) – and it’s here to stay. Maybe you have already experienced its transformative power and now want to share those feelings of bliss, fulfillment and peace. We feel there should be as many breathwork facilitators as there are yoga instructors and at the current moment we’re definitely outnumbered in some cities breathwork facilitators don’t even exist, but that won’t last long.

Now is the time, it’s a perfect opportunity at the perfect time if you are feeling the call.

Our students have described Elemental Rhythm Breathwork as more accessible than other types of breathwork – but equally transformative and with lasting results. Not only that but we train our facilitators to make it their own allowing them to fully be themselves and not fit into a box or certain way of doing it. We have facilitators from all ages an walks of life from doctors, to police officers, to entrepreneur coaches and yoga teachers and thats just the tip of the iceberg.

If You’re Ready to

In the Guide to Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator, you’ll learn

As a bonus, you’ll get to try our immensely popular Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience from which people have had mind-blowing results!