Embrace transformation and discover the path to a life you love to live

Next Workshop: May 25th, 2024

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Date: May 25th, 2024

Time: 10am - 2pm EST

Cost: $97 $47

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Immerse yourself in transformational breathwork experiences and powerful exercises where you’ll face who you are, embody the vision of your desired life, and shape the habits and behaviours that lead to a life you love to live.


This workshop would benefit individuals who are:


This program gave me the push I needed to transform my life and move from blocked to alive!

Marc Shapiro

CEO - Main Event Music



“I’d say my favourite part was the meditation! ”


The flow of the whole session was great. I liked how you asked questions (probing) to lead into the next section until we identified our insecurities/ fears, and then ultimately a habit we can adopt.

Vivien Wong

Real Estate Agent


Workshop Bonus

Attend the workshop and unlock a 30-day free membership to ElementalRhythm.com! Dive into a world of breathwork, live classes, guided experiences and community support that will supercharge your transformational journey.

This exclusive offer is our way of saying ‘Welcome’ to a new you.

Next Workshop: May 25th, 2024


Kickstart your transformation with a one-day workshop that delves into the three pivotal aspects of personal evolution: understanding your current self, visualizing your desired life, and identifying habits that need change.

Experience a blend of techniques, from breathwork to meditation, ensuring a holistic and immersive journey.

By the end, you’ll have a robust blueprint to guide your journey and the tools to make it a reality.

Step one

Own your Truth

What’s holding you back?

– Understand and confront your beliefs, strengths, and insecurities.
– Recognize past expereiences and core wounds.
– Engage in group shares and reflections to gain clarity.

“I really liked how we worked through things and then do breathwork”

- Amy

Step two

Visualize your future

Envision your desired life

– Define your aspirations across the 7 areas of life.
– Engage in visualization exercises.
– Create a letter from your future self and share your vision.

“My favourite part was the letter to myself and the prompts that we’re provided”

- Mellisa

Step three

Releasing and Embracing

Letting go of what no longer serves you

– Assess your daily life: Are your habits lighting up your path or holding you back?
– Choose habits that illuminate your journey and let go of those that cast shadows.
– Embrace a daily routine filled with uplifting habits.

“The meditation was fantastic. including the choice of music”

- Jullian

Make a commitment to yourself

Step into a new chapter and commit to change. Are you ready to create a life you love to live?

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Date: May 25th, 2024

Cost: $97 $47

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