Breathwork Facilitator Training with Jessica Lee- Queensville, Ontario, Canada

Breathwork Facilitator Training with Jessica Lee- Queensville, Ontario, Canada

Breathwork Facilitator Training with Jessica Lee- Queensville, Ontario, Canada

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Hosted by: Jessica Lee

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Program was created by Giovanni Bartolomeo as a tool to help himself release tension and emotional blockages, find clarity, improve performance and to deepen his meditation and self awareness. Over the last 10 years he has explored various forms of sound, movement, connection, breathwork and guided meditation, and taken his favourite elements from various practices to curate a unique experience, one that has produced incredible results in a very short period of time. Many people have an impactful experience on their first session.

Once he began sharing it with others he quickly realized what worked for him was also working for those he shared it with. The Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (Facilitator Training) combines sound, movement, various breathing patterns and holds, guided mediation and support circles to create an experience like no other. When practiced regularly, we have seen some incredible transformations in peoples lives. In the Facilitator Training you will be taught everything you need to know in order to facilitate this experience. This training will be both an in person and online training. Once you pass the final exam, you will become a certified breathwork facilitator.

Your instructor for this training is Jessica Lee. She is a Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Educator, Facilitator Trainer, highly passionate Birth Coach, Energy Alchemist, and Breathwork Coach, brings an unwavering dedication that spans over three decades in the realms of personal transformation and holistic well-being. With a profound understanding of the human spirit, she serves as a guiding force, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and embark on a transformative journey of profound healing and self-discovery. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions: / +14168013420.


  • Live in person Workshop: 2 full days of training (16 hours)
  • Weekly Zoom Calls: 1 Hour per week over 6 weeks (9 hours)
  • Self Practice / Home Study: You will be given homework for daily self practice 30 minutes per day (21 hours)
  • Partner Practice Calls: You will be assigned a weekly partner who is also studying to get certified to practice weekly (6 hours)
  • 10 Independent Practice Sessions: Once you have completed initial training you will need to do 10 practice sessions with family and friends. (90 minutes each total 15 hours)
  • Final Examination: You will need to demonstrate (online) your abilities to facilitate a full session and will be graded with a pass or fail (2 hours)


Wisdom Gardens Retreat is nestled on 2 acres of picturesque Queensville just an hour away from Toronto, our retreat centre gracefully occupies a thoughtfully renovated country house, blending rustic charm with modern comfort. Throughout the training we will be incorporating the power of the infinity fire pit as well as the indoor magnesium pool and sauna. Theory will take place on the screened in porch allowing the fresh air and view of the horse farm inspire our minds while the breathwork experiences will take place within the sacred container of the studio.

Address: 22595 Warden Ave., Queensville, ON L0G 1R0



  • Accommodations/food/use of amenities is a separate cost of $555. Pay here.
  • Arrival: Friday 3:00pm / Departure: Sunday 6:00pm.
  • All accommodations are shareable rooms and will be allotted first come first serve.
  • Freshly prepared meals included:

    • Friday: Dinner
    • Saturday: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
    • Sunday: Breakfast / Lunch

  • Participants will have access to the salt water pool and sauna.

Contact Jessica directly @ / +14168013420 to reserve accommodation.

Book a discovery call for more details.


Jessica’s journey in the healing arts reflects continuous evolution, marked by extensive training in modalities such as Meditation, Breathwork, Homeopathy, Shamanism, Aura Soma, Reiki/Energy Work, and Holistic Bodywork. This comprehensive knowledge enriches her coaching, offering a holistic perspective on personal growth and healing, emphasized by her remarkable ability to hold space for deep and transformative experiences.

Her exploration led her to discover Elemental Rhythm, a next-level breathwork journey that unveiled the depth of transformative healing for transmuting energy and reprogramming the subconscious mind. Recognizing the profound impact of Elemental Rhythm breathwork, Jessica became a facilitator and integration coach. As a Breathwork Facilitator, she masterfully holds space, allowing participants to connect with their sacred roots, journey deep within, and soar spiritually for profound healing and cellular-level reprogramming.

In her coaching practice, Jessica cultivates an inclusive authenticity, ensuring that breathwork is approachable and impactful for individuals seeking deep transformation. Her unique journey, marked by personal challenges, profound self-discovery, and self-healing, infuses her coaching style with empathy and a deep understanding of the potential for healing and growth within each individual. Fueled by her passion for sharing this transformative modality, Jessica elevated to the role of an Elemental Rhythm Educator, with the honor of teaching facilitators. Jessica takes great pride in sharing the modality and witnessing individuals step into alignment with their soul path of being in service. Jessica’s mastery of holding space foster’s attunement of mind, body and spirit as she is dedicated to cultivating your inner breathing space and awakening your sacred healer.


“I had the pleasure of experiencing the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator course with an amazing teacher who brought a bright and vibrant energy into the space. Jessica’s teaching style was very intuitive and flowed with the class. Her professionalism, authenticity, and vulnerability shone through as she guided us through the practice. She made sure everyone understood and felt fully involved, creating a space of understanding and unity. As a light worker and spiritual guide, her wisdom and energy were truly inspiring. I am grateful for her guidance and the light she brought to the practice. Thank you!”
~Denise DesBarres

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