Lisa Morin

Hello friends! Let me introduce myself by telling you about my personal breathwork journey. It began over a decade ago with a Yoga practice that introduced me to Pranayama, the ancient yogic breathing technique that is the foundation for all forms of breathwork practiced in the West. Pranayama along with Yoga and meditation have been fundamental in helping me manage my anxiety and eliminate my panic attacks, bringing peace, joy and contentment to my life. They also inspired me to pursue a spiritual path of service to others which is what has led me to become a facilitator of Elemental Rhythm Breathwork. This style of breathwork takes the practice of self-healing to an even higher level and I want to share this gift with as many people as possible. This practice has enabled me to recognize how previous negative life experiences have created self-doubt, negative behaviours and limiting beliefs in my life. By bringing these experiences and related emotions to the surface, I’ve been able to reflect on their effect on my behaviours and self-image and work to resolve them. A strong breathwork practice has been foundational in helping me evolve into the full expression of the person I want to be! It fills my heart with happiness to know that sharing Elemental Rhythm Breathwork will help so many others on their journey toward self-healing and wellbeing. Breathwork in all it’s forms improves physical and mental wellness and if this is your first breathwork experience, you will surely emerge with the understanding of the power of breath and how it can accelerate you toward a life filled with joy! I facilitate sessions at various locations in the Windsor area and use my experience as a Reiki master, energy worker and practising yogi to enhance your breathwork experience. Visit my Instagram for upcoming sessions and feel free to DM or email me with your queries.

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Join our group breathwork workshops to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. These sessions are designed to foster collective energy and shared experiences. Through guided group exercises, discover the synergistic power of breathing in unison, enhancing your practice and deepening your connection with others.

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