Mariyam has a strong background in the health industry – she started her career in the fitness and nutrition space and then bridged into nursing. In 2020, her life took a significant turn after the passing of her brother. She struggled with debilitating grief, PTSD, severe anxiety and depression. She recognized on her journey to recovery that there was a gap in the mainstream approach to health and wellness. Now, she has aligned with her soul’s purpose by bridging that gap. She uses a multi-faceted approach to self-development and emotional wellness with breathwork being one of her main offerings. Mariyam’s goal is to guide you with love on your journey by developing tools and creating experiences that hold space for transformation. At the core of her breathwork journeys, you will find elements of self-connection, introspection and release in order to foster an internal environment of peace, balance and resilience. She would be honoured to host you on your journey.

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