Mary-Clare O'Brien

Mary-Clare is always on the look out for the best tools to influence energy, mood, immune system, and whole-person wellness. As a holistic mental health counselor, Mary-Clare brings a solid foundation in trauma work to the table and blends years of experience in sound healing, aromatherapy, reiki and more into the breathwork sessions. Mary-Clare is a true believer that breath not only brings in clarity, trust and truth to our energy field… but actually IS clarity, trust and truth. This intention is amplified throughout breathwork sessions to encourage all to have their own personal breakthrough, reunifying with self to heighten awareness, insight and connection.

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One on one private breathwork

In the individual session, deeper personalized work can be conducted to ensure your integration is clear and you feel fully connected to the experience. Mary-Clare is an experienced mental health counselor of 14 years, former crisis clinician, and trauma work certified creating safety and certainty in this sacred space.

Group breathwork sessions

Join our group breathwork workshops to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. These sessions are designed to foster collective energy and shared experiences. Through guided group exercises, discover the synergistic power of breathing in unison, enhancing your practice and deepening your connection with others.

Virtual breathwork sessions

Experience the benefits of breathwork from the comfort of your own home with our virtual classes. These online sessions offer flexibility and convenience, making it easier than ever to integrate breathwork into your daily routine. Connect with a supportive online community and learn techniques to manage stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being.

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