Sherri Lee Elliot

Sherri Elliot. Owner operator of wellness centre Mindful Meridian’s PEMF and Float Centre. An interest in healing, spiritual growth, facilitating others healing themselves. Cold plunging, sensory deprivation tanks, holistic approach to healing. Warrior Goddess training. Breathwork work facilitator, certified through Sundoor as a Fire walk instructor. Coming from a law enforcement background and through the journey of self love and healing left the profession to embark on the path of wellness opening my own facility. Love to partake in plant medicine ceremony and sound bath offerings. Have experienced Kambo and sat with sanunga. Many of these healing modalities have increased my resilience to overcome stressors in life. Happy to be connecting with like minded people and enthusiastic to share what I have learned.

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Discover the transformative power of breathwork. I am ready to guide you on a personal journey through one-on-one sessions, intimate group workshops, or convenient virtual appointments. Each session is uniquely tailored to your journey, offering a sanctuary for growth, healing, and self-discovery. Embrace the rhythm of your breath and book your appointment today for an experience that resonates with your soul.

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Explore a world of breath and harmony at my upcoming events. As your Elemental Rhythm facilitator, I am thrilled to invite you to a series of transformative experiences. From rejuvenating retreats in serene settings to interactive workshops that delve deep into the art of breathwork, there’s an event to enrich every journey. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, learn new techniques, and deepen your practice. Stay tuned for dates and details of these not-to-be-missed opportunities to explore the power of breath in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Breathwork breakthrough Experience

Date: Monday April 15, 2024

Location: Mindful Meridian's 210 Willmott Street unit 5B Cobourg ON

Cost: $35

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One on one private breathwork

Embark on a personal journey of discovery and healing with our one-on-one breathwork sessions. Tailored to meet your unique needs, these sessions provide a safe and nurturing environment to explore the transformative power of breath. Experience personalized guidance and support as you unlock new levels of self-awareness and well-being.

Group breathwork sessions

Join our group breathwork workshops to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. These sessions are designed to foster collective energy and shared experiences. Through guided group exercises, discover the synergistic power of breathing in unison, enhancing your practice and deepening your connection with others.

Energy work, full wellness centre with holistic modalities.

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