Jen Schmidt

My name is Jen, and I can’t wait to walk alongside you on your journey back to your authentic self… back to your heart! I am a certified Life Coach & Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator. I am passionate about creating a heart-centred space where I can guide and empower fellow curiosity seekers on their journey to becoming their own medicine. We’ll work together to connect you with your heart and your inner wisdom through your breath. One breath at a time. Should you require further guidance I also provide coaching services so that you can find your voice and hear what your soul has been whispering to you all along – it’s time to wake up and listen! Feelings of anxiousness and lacking purpose in my life led me to breathwork, it was one of many tools I discovered on the journey back to my heart. It was deeply impactful in helping me understand who I am meant to be while also helping to calm my nervous system. I understand how frustrating, lonely, and painful the journey can be. Don’t go it alone, I’d be honoured to walk this journey alongside you sharing the tools that have brought me solace. I am continuing to build my certifications (and thus tools that I can offer as a means of helping to empower you), currently in the final semester of Embodiment Coaching which further helps with nervous system regulation and finding answers through listening to the body.

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