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Mindwork Programs

Mind Work Tracks (MWTs) combine a mix of breathwork, visualization, music, meditation and subconscious reprogramming  techniques to take you 21 day journey of transformation.


We recommend starting your journey with Breathing Fundamentals Course or Creative Visioning. These will give you a good foundation to build upon.

Guided Experieces

You can use this section of the site for Daily Breathwork Videos on Demand. You can use these in conjunction with other courses or mindwork tracks to supplement your learning experience.


Welcome to Elemental Rhythm, a lifestyle & learning community. Feel free to browse around and explore the many learning resources to help you grow on your journey. No matter where you are at there is something here for everyone. 

Our focus is the give you the tools to transform your own life, to live long, healthy and happily. Many of our members report experiencing many amazing outcomes after integrating the many techniques they learn on this platform, but we want you to not take our word for it but rather experience it for yourself. Below are some suggested ways to use the course but as always we recommend to follow your intuition. We’re here for you if you need us. -The Elemental Rhythm Team


1) Feel free to explore and follow your intuition through this website.

2) We recommend starting with some courses. Specifically we recommend Breathwork Fundamentals and Creative Visioning Process which will give you a solid foundation. 

3) Try a live class (or recording)

4) Commit to a 21 day Mind Work series. These series will help you go deep, to improve on a specific area of your life

5) For a quick practice track or video lesson check out our Practice On Demand section for a selection of videos you can use at any time. 

6) Check out the community and share your experiences.

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