Breathwork Teacher Training

– Our Highest Level Training Program Enabling You to Run Your Own Breathwork Facilitator Trainings!


Breathwork Facilitator Training

Learn how to Teach Next Generation’s Breathwork Teacher Trainings

Help Your Students Live Their Life Purpose!

The only thing more rewarding than living your purpose is assisting others in living theirs. And that’s what you’ll be able to do with our Level 3 training!

You have already guided many students through the transformative power of Elemental Rhythm Breathwork. You’ve witnessed their healing and growth.

Now, some of your students are so inspired that they too want to become breathwork facilitators. So, they naturally turn to you: are you by any chance hosting breathwork facilitator training?

If your answer to that question is “no”, but the butterflies in your stomach say you’re ready to turn that into a “yes”, you’re in the right place!


To help spread the power of breathing all over the world, we wanted to offer you the breathwork equivalent of hosting yoga teacher trainings: the Elemental Rhythm Teacher Training.

Upon graduation, you enter a partnership with Elemental Rhythm. You can host live in-person facilitator trainings in your area for which you’ll receive a percentage. Leading these trainings will allow you to scale and expand your impact efficiently.

Within the partnership agreement, you’ll have the ability to run your own in-person certification trainings from wherever you are in the world.

You’re free to bring your creativity into the weekend and make it a truly unforgettable, retreat-like experience. Or simply focus on the educational aspect. Regardless of the format, your students are out there waiting for you and they will love your unique teaching style!

Make Waves through Your Own Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Teacher Training Business

Certify your own Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitators

You’ll learn everything you need to run your own trainings – online or anywhere in the world. Learn teaching methodology, how to lead diverse groups and how to deal with anything that comes up for your students. As you remember from your own training, becoming a facilitator is a journey. Our carefully curated curriculum teaches you how to hold space for that transformation.

Get Support from Elemental Rhythm

As one of our facilitators and coaches, you’re already part of our incredible Elemental Rhythm community. By launching your own facilitator certification program, you enter a partnership with us which includes a ton of additional support:

  • marketing your own in person trainings on our website.
  • marking the final exams
  • providing access to your students to our recorded supplementary online video trainings
  • Lifetime access to for all registrants

Secure Your Spot as a Breathwork Expert

The number of breathwork facilitators is still smaller than the demand – but growing. The number of breathwork educators is even smaller. By establishing yourself on the market now you’re one of the early adopters, and you’ll be regarded as an expert with the potential to land collaborations, podcast interviews, and more.

The Elemental Way:

To Living Your Purpose

Watch this short 2-minute video to hear what our founder Gio has to say about the Breathwork Educator training!

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The Elemental Rhythm Coaching Journey

Breathwork facilitator

Breathwork coach

Breathwork Educator

Completing the Breathwork Educator Training enables you to:

  • Run your own in person Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator trainings
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the breathwork space – with rates to match
  • Experience the fulfillment of seeing your students step up and work with their own clients
  • Be regarded as one of the first breathwork experts (the practice has just started to gain momentum!) with all the possibilities that follow in terms of partnerships and PR
  • Expand your income by hosting regular trainings

How to become a Breathwork Educator

Access to the Breathwork Educator training is by application only. To become an educator, you need to complete the Facilitator trainings. You’ll also be required to shadow two full trainings within a 1-year period as part of your training process.

We’ll give you all the tools you need including recorded content on our website, training manuals, teaching outlines, PowerPoint presentations, and more.


Upon graduation, you will be able to host your own Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitator trainings. You’ll teach and certify your own breathwork facilitators. If you’re already a Facilitator or coach, you know how rewarding it is to see your clients’ growth and personal development – so you can just imagine the fulfillment of seeing your breathwork facilitators start to work with their own students, find their purpose and thrive!

When it’s time to start hosting your own trainings, you’ll enter a partnership with Elemental Rhythm. We’ll provide you with all the study material needed for your students and presentations. We’ll also help you mark exams and, of course, promote your facilitator trainings. It is the perfect way of doing your own thing and building a purposeful business while not needing to do all the overwhelming work and start from scratch!

You will need to shadow 2 full training including all 6 online calls within a 12-month period. This will be about 2 hours per week when trainings are running. There will also be a final exam to demonstrate your abilities to teach and how well you know the content.

You’ll get all the teaching materials needed, such as presentations to use during the calls. You will also get support with promoting the training and marking exams. That said, as long as you follow the curriculum, you’re free to add your own unique touch to the initial training weekend – maybe you want to do it in a retreat style where participants can stay overnight and participate in activities alongside the training. You can infuse your own creativity into the teaching methodology and help your students get immersed in Elemental Rhythm breathwork.

Overall, breathwork sessions have a primary purpose, which is changing your breathing pattern. Thanks to breathwork training, you will be able to breathe in a conscious and systematic way, which will leave you energized and relaxed.

Many yoga teachers decide to get breathwork teacher training courses since that adds a huge plus to their current technique arsenal. These breathwork techniques even work for kids’ yoga teacher training.

Yes! The beauty of breathwork teacher training is that you get to use your breathing techniques as you please. We know how frustrating is feeling frustrated that your approaches to better mental and physical health may not be working, but if you undergo this breathwork teacher training course, you will be able to gain a competitive advantage that you can add to your coaching, healing, or therapy business.

As mentioned before, this is perfect for yoga teachers who want to expand their offerings through quality breathwork techniques!

Anyone who takes our breathwork teacher training course will be fit to teach breathwork techniques! While people like yoga teachers may already have a competitive advantage over those who don’t, our team will give you all the breathwork techniques and resources you need to change your customers’ lives.

This is one of the pillars of our breathwork teacher training course. If you want to teach breathwork, you must be aware of this technique, which simply involves connecting your inhaling and exhaling processes seamlessly, which will allow people to relax.

Yes! There are many reviews for our breathwork teacher training courses that you can currently check on our website. Yoga teachers or life coaches who may want to expand their offerings through breathwork training should definitely read these pages for references from past customers.

Although it may seem like they don’t, being conscious of the way you breathe can make all the difference in your life, especially with your mental health. Yoga teachers are fully aware of the effects of proper breathing, and through our breathwork teacher training courses, you will be able to share that knowledge with your patients/customers.

Depending on the person, they may not see definitive results on their first day since mastering breathing techniques isn’t easy. However, if you encourage your students to stay consistent, they will be able to make the most out of their lives through these breathing techniques.

You will learn more about pranayama in your breathwork teacher training program. In essence, these breathwork techniques involve different breathing patterns, like the 4-7-8 technique, that you can use to achieve deeper states of relaxation.

Not many people are fans of online breathwork teacher training courses since they believe online classes are difficult to focus on. However, we created our breathwork teacher training courses in a way that they feel engaging and fun for everyone!

We won’t take too much of your daily time either. Once you check the entire details of our courses, you will see that the online breathwork sessions are fairly flexible.

If you finished your breathwork teacher training course and don’t know how to set your breathwork training classes, we can help you to come up with the right in-person/online breathwork class for you to provide your students with.

Yes! Those who are willing to invest more in their breathwork teacher training can consider our bundles that include both Facilitator and Coach trainings. You can find more information on our website.

Breathwork training is becoming more popular each year, as mindfulness, coaching, yoga, and many other services are becoming available to people all over the world.

The short answer is yes, you can definitely create a thriving business for practicing breathwork, but you must put in the effort.

Breathwork teacher trainings can give you several benefits, including:

  • Better knowledge about breathwork techniques, including ancient pranayama techniques
  • Deep understanding of our breathing mechanisms
  • Being able to craft quality breathwork classes
  • Transforming your customers’ lives thanks to your breathwork certification.


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