Breathing Fundamentals

The average human takes roughly 20,000 breaths per day. Are you making each one of them count? This course will teach you exactly how you can optimize each breath. Optimizing your breathing can help reduce stress, improve recovery, improve your mood, increase athletic performance, improve circulation, and more!

Start Breathing

The Elemental Rhythm platform provides you with everything you need to take your breath – and your life – to the next level. Looking for instant stress relief, rewiring your money mindset for abundance, increased focus or improved athletic performance? Everyone can enhance their life through our breathwork-based experiences! Check out our descriptions below to find the right one for you.

Mind Work Programs
Guided Experiences
Practice Sessions

MindWork Tracks

An Elemental Rhythm exclusive, the MindWork programs allow you to fully upgrade an area of your life in 21 days. Maybe you’ve heard that it takes 21 days to install new habits and behavioral patterns. Here, we work on multiple levels for faster and more sustainable results.


Our courses provide you with powerful tools and hacks to instantly upgrade your life. Learn things like proper breathing, creative visioning, journaling and self-reflection, and the fundamentals of meditation.

Guided Experiences

Through our guided experiences, you can tailor your mood in the moment, whether you need an energy boost, motivation, focus or relaxation. Browse your personal vault of breathwork tracks on demand where you can choose between 3-minute, 5-minute and 10-minute experiences.

Practice Sessions

Want to learn about and experiment with the science behind breathwork? Learn how to increase your lung capacity, measure the power of your breath, and increase your CO2 tolerance with these sessions.

Live Classes

Our weekly live classes give you the powerful combination of community and breathwork – without needing to leave your home! Join from wherever in the world under the guidance of one of our experienced facilitators. The live classes are free of charge and no membership is needed.



Learn this instant hack to breathe better, experience the euphoria of your first breathwork breakthrough, and more.