I began studying other breathing techniques and experiencing other methods and started adding things along the way. I wanted to make it a fun, entertaining and deeply profound experience that had the potential to improve anyone’s life who would try it.

My breathwork story begins with meeting Wim Hof.

Initially I was drawn to him for his superhuman abilities and was intrigued when he said anyone could climb a frozen mountain in their shorts. I figured why not, I really wanted to say I climbed a mountain in my shorts, both my ego and I were quite excited.

I wanted to try, so I reached out to him and asked for an interview for a new podcast I had just launched. We instantly clicked and he invited me to be one of the first certified Wim Hof instructors.

After months of training, and a few cold dips I was ready to dive deep into the cold in the rocky mountains of Colorado. When I got there I was surprised to see such a diverse group of people with many different backgrounds, excited to climb a mountain in my shorts. As the week went on everyone got to share their story of how they stumbled upon the method and all the amazing benefits they had experienced, overcoming addiction, depression, inflammation, chronic disease, you name it. Here I was wanting to climb a mountain, but I immediately witnessed how powerful this modality actually is, and I was just getting started.

During the week training Wim shared an extended breathing technique (he called it DMT breathing at the time) where we breathed at increasing speeds with a few breath holds for an extended period of time, at one point I started leaving my body and I broke out into an uncontrollable cry. I didn’t know where it was coming from, how it was even possible. All i knew is that but it felt really good. It felt like letting go of something I was holding on to for the longest time. In that moment I was free. I couldn’t really put my finger on what was happening but there was something powerful unfolding.

After the certification that unexpected experience sat with me for a while. I still wasn’t sure what to make of it but continually thinking of how amazing it felt. So I started exploring, remembering the process and modifying it to make it easy to remember and follow.

As I was doing this I began studying other breathing techniques and experiencing other methods and started adding things along the way. I wanted to make it a fun, entertaining and deeply profound experience that had the potential to improve anyone’s life who would try it.

Soon enough I had a refined experience I was ready to share, and I asked some close friends to give it a shot, and what happened next was incredible.

People were having experiences that they say shifted them in ways that changed their lives. I was there to witness it and hold space for these experiences and it felt better than anything I had yet to experience, better than the best business deal or anything else I could think of. I was serving others, while at the same time serving myself. 

I could feel emotions as we were breathing together in sync. After hundreds of sessions and little refinements here and there, and teaching and sharing in different parts of the world I was ready to see if I could teach others to do the same. 

It was easier than I thought. I saw that in order to reach as many people as possible I needed to share this and support others who felt called to share the experience. It usually started from them having their own experience in one of my sessions.

Then the Lockdown of 2020 happened and we decided that now is the time to finally put something together. I was sharing online streaming sessions with my hand drum and people  were reaching out wanting to learn more so I rounded up all my guinea pigs (the Staff at Elemental Wellness Studio in Toronto) and brought them through the first training program.

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator Training Program was born.

Elemental is a force of nature, simple yet powerful like the breath and Awakening is the process of waking up or become aware.

Our intention is to share this amazing experience with as many people as possible and also teach people how to breathe properly on a daily basis. To help people feel alive and live more vibrant lives mentally, emotionally and physically.

This program consists of the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience which is a 90 minute experience that brings the participant through movement, breathing, guided meditation, sound, smells and touch all the senses to take them to places not easily accessible to the average person.

 The ERB Experience, creates a container conducive to breakthrough type experiences.

Through guided facilitation the participant can release emotions, gain clarity, release stress, get insights and so much more!

The second level of training is the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Fundamentals Program and Elemental Breeakthrough Coaching which allows the facilitator to teach clients how to breathe properly and empower them to make changes in their lives through an ongoing coaching program.

Finally we decided to have an online platform to support the community and give them tools to practice and integrate breathwork and introspective practice into their daily life. We put a lot of testing, though, hard work and love into what we created. I hope you enjoy and please remember we are always looking forways to improve the experience!

We’re so excited that you have decided to embark on this journey. I hope you experience all of

the joys and growth that we have experienced and seen in others along this journey.

Giovanni Bartolomeo
Founder Elemental Rhythm Breathwork / Elemental Rhythm

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