Alex Raposo

Alex is a dedicated Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Fitness Coach/Trainer, whose passion for wellness has ignited a transformative journey that merges the realms of fitness, emotional healing, and the power of breath. With a deep-rooted love for fitness and a genuine desire to assist individuals in achieving their fitness goals, Alex embarked on a profound exploration of breathwork. What began as a quest for physical strength soon led to an even more extraordinary discovery— the extraordinary capacity of the breath to heal, release trauma, and reveal the true potential within. Alex has personally experienced the life-altering effects of breathwork, using it as a key tool for his own emotional healing and self-discovery. Through this powerful practice, he has not only released trauma but also found clarity, purpose, and an unwavering connection to his inner self. What sets Alex apart is not only his profound mastery of breathwork but also his exceptional talent as a singer, which he skillfully integrates into his transformative sessions. Alex’s journey as a breathwork facilitator is uniquely infused with the soulful magic of music and the power of his own voice. Alex’s singing talent isn’t just a skill; it’s a deep connection to his inner child. From a young age, he felt the call of music in his heart, but like many, he carried the weight of self-doubt and fear. Growing up, he was often too shy and apprehensive to sing in front of others, let alone embrace his gift fully. However, through his profound exploration of breathwork, Alex unearthed the courage to confront and conquer his fears. The practice allowed him to delve into the depths of his emotions, releasing the shackles that held his voice captive. With each breath, he uncovered a piece of his inner child’s longing to express himself freely, without inhibition. One transformative day, during a breathwork session, something remarkable happened. As he breathed deeply and rhythmically, he felt an overwhelming surge of energy and emotion coursing through him. In that moment, he realized that he had the power to transcend his self-imposed limitations and share his singing gift with the world. With newfound confidence and an open heart, Alex began to incorporate his singing into his breathwork classes. The harmonious fusion of rhythmic breathing, soulful melodies, and a nurturing atmosphere became a hallmark of his sessions. This unique blend allowed participants to not only experience the profound benefits of breathwork but also to tap into their own inner child, nurturing their creativity and authenticity. Alex’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the transformative potential within us all. Through his own journey, he has discovered that breathwork has the power not only to heal and empower but also to unlock the hidden talents and passions that lie dormant within us. Join Alex on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and allow the harmony of breath and music to guide you toward a more liberated, authentic, and soulful existence. Experience the transformative magic that arises when the inner child finds its voice and sings the song of authenticity.