Ben Cecchini

Ben Cecchini-Ramos is a creator, leader, philanthropist, musician, team trainer, certified performance coach and breathwork facilitator certified with both SOMA Breath and Elemental Rhythm.

Ben has a passion for pairing his talents of music, communication and creativity with his wisdom of holistic healing and peak performance to create transformational experiences and serve others on their journeys of health and peak performance.

He believes everyone is their own healer, leader and genius with all the answers to what they want inside. His role is sharing effective tools for growth, creating a safe space for people to expand and express, and to provide fun-loving support along the way.

Ben has found breathwork to be the most accessible tool for boosting mental, emotional, and physical health as well as the most powerful. Breathwork is easy to understand and jump right in, and every participant Ben has worked with has felt it’s effects from their very first session.


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