Brittney Oliver

Brittney is a Master level, independently licensed social worker with 6 years of experience working in various mental health settings. She is certified in EMDR and uses a psychoanalytic approach with others to help resolve trauma, attachment issues, and adverse life experiences. Brittney decided to become an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork practitioner after personally experiencing the impacts of this powerful tool on her mental health beginning in early 2020. By utilizing her therapeutic expertise throughout the breathwork experience, Brittney guides others to reconnect with the intelligence of the body and to expand into altered states of consciousness to heal deep emotional blockages within the subconscious.

Her soul’s purpose is to guide others towards a life of freedom from fears and beliefs that leave so many of us bound and chained to a life that isn’t fulfilling and authentic; to help others surrender and find peace within the chaos of life. Brittney is available for community and private group sessions, private 1:1 sessions, and is willing to travel for retreats.



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