Claudia Ferrarra

Claudia’s journey in discovering breath came at the beginning of her yoga journey back in 2009, in class teachers would discuss Pranayama and brought constant awareness to it throughout practice. Fast forward years later, she read an incredible book called Breath by James Nestor, which had opened up her curiosity of the WHY behind proper breathing rather than just simply doing. From that point on she dedicated her time to learning the science behind breathing and began to experiment with all different mediums, which brought her to an Elemental Rhythmic Breathwork Experience. She instantly fell in love with the entire experience and knew it was something that she wanted to learn so that she herself could dive deeper into it, while also facilitating and helping others change their lives simply through their breath. Claudia is dedicated to helping her students rediscover their mind, body, soul connection and truly believes that once you discover the power of your breath and learn how to harness it, you have the ability to dive deeper into yourself.


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