Defne Nayman M.D.

Dr. Defne is an emergency medicine physician turned anti-aging specialist who helps high achieving busy professional women roll back years, lose weight and have bursting energy without worrying how.

Working in the Emergency Departments and witnessing the shortcomings of conventional medicine and the current health system, ignited a passion in her to help people reclaim their health, energy, vitality and the quality of their lives. As a heartfelt provider, Dr.Defne pursued further training in Anti Aging, Functional and Metabolic Medicine acquiring board certification and fellowship degree in this newly emerging world of medicine. She also holds a Health Coaching Degree, as well as Board Certification in Advanced Esthetics.

With her experience as a Breathwork recipient, Dr. Defne discovered a profound interest for breathwork and mind body healing. She studied ERBE and joined the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitators.
Dr. Defne has incorporated breathwork as part of her group coaching sessions with her clients. She states being a mom first, then a doctor and that her vision has evolved and transformed since she became a mom.

She finds tranquillity in her kitchen, akin to meditation. She enjoys jogging and she likes to express herself through painting and dancing.