Ian Walling

Ian Walling’s life journey has been an unwavering dedication to inspire others to attain optimal well-being. Having spent over three decades as an Elite Certified Trainer and a Nutrition & Wellness Specialist in the fitness industry, Ian’s quest has been to transform lives. However, Ian’s path has evolved, and he now stands as a Certified Life and Mindset Coach, as well as a Certified Elemental BreathWork Facilitator. Equipped with these powerful tools, he aims to foster healthier lifestyles by harmonizing body and mind, removing barriers, and aiding in the conquest of success by dispelling limiting beliefs. The knowledge Ian has amassed is poised for sharing, as his journey unfolds. Throughout his life, Ian has been resolute in his commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness aspirations, underpinned by his holistic approach to wellness. Ian’s approach whether as a life coach, wholistic trainer or Breathwork Facilitator is based on the integration of body and Mind through mobility, movement and the breath in order to help his clients achieve optimal wellness .