Karen Theimer

Karen is super excited to be part of this journey with you!! Karen is a Freedom Facilitator coach, Massage Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator, podcast host for “Freedom Starts Now” and has now collaborated with a colleague in running a series of retreats.

After being a cancer thriver of 12 years she decided to go on a healing journey back in 2018 where she first experienced Breathwork and Plant Medicine. This journey has literally changed Karen’s life, mentally, physically and emotionally. In return has also opened up so many new doors that allowed her to expand her business in a way she never knew was possible.  Karen’s focus is to help others explore to discover what it means to be human. What do our emotions mean and how do we use them to heal and grow. She coaches people onhow to tap into their intuition, to let go of the past and learn how to trust themselves and in the universe. 

Karen’s class is a combination of meditation, breathwork and coaching while creating a safe space so that you can let go of those limiting beliefs, to heal the past so that you can allow yourself to be the best version of you Karen believes that we are here in this lifetime to have many lessons and experiences.

“The world is your playground

– Play with a sense of Destiny” ~ Edward Boyden



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