Kerri Stewart

As an Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Shiatsu Therapist & Breathwork guide, Kerri creates a safe space for you to show up just as you are. Her goal is to guide and support you through your transformation into the most aligned, embodied & empowered you. She draws from multiple modalities to assist you in healing blockages, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
She is excited about her most recent addition of Elemental Breathwork facilitation and the potential it has to help heal the collective.
“The breath is our access point to the body’s innate ability to heal, to alchemize pain (physical and emotional), to find alignment, so we can live a more embodied and empowered life”

Currently you’ll find Kerri delving into the world of plant medicine and she will be incorporating this into her offerings upon completion of her certification as psychedelic assisted therapist, which she is beginning September 2023 @ VIU.


“Yesterday's session was incredibly powerful for me. I’ve never been able to connect with my inner child before yesterday, which will be pivotal to my healing. I’m excited for the possibilities. its the first time that i have felt hopeful in a really long time” ~ Amy A “Kerri was amazing. i didn’t know what to expect with the BW session, but she walked me through it step by step, created a safe space, and provided encouragement through the entire session. It was a positive experiences, I’ll definitely be going back”
Kim S