Lisa Mort

Lisa believes in the personal power of oneself and works with each client to help them rediscover their self-love and higher-truth. She was first introduced to breathwork at an Ayahuasca retreat centre in Costa Rica. Here she found the profound transformation of breathwork. Seeing the impact that this practice had on her personal life, she became a certified Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitator and Breathwork Integration Coach.

With an individualistic and holistic approach, she pulls from a toolbox of intuitive thinking, therapeutic conversation, breathwork, energy work and meditation to guide clients deep into a higher state of consciousness.

She guides and coaches people to intimately connect with their breath as a pathway for transformation.  This work is deep and  transformative. It is for anyone who is ready to show up for themselves and change their life.  Along with group classes, she offers private group sessions and private 1 on 1 coaching.  She leads retreats and workshops in the US and internationally.
Lisa is a certified Canfield Transformational Coach, an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitator, a Breathwork Integration coach and Reiki practitioner.