Luz Brown

Luz is a Shamanic energy medicine practitioner, a Reiki master, a yoga & meditation instructor and a breathwork facilitator.

Once upon a time Luz was a school teacher. Her path mainly consisted of planning lessons, grading papers, attending meetings and dealing with classroom management issues. Health concerns and a lifestyle themed by a meaningless routine led her to chaos. Her journey lacked purpose, joy and love. Yoga & Pranayama reignited her Agni, her fire within; Meditation & chanting calmed her mind and opened the door to her heart; Reiki made her aware of her energetic connection to all around us; Shamanic medicine has led her back to her essence.

She quit teaching for the school system and decided to follow her inner voice. She started her own business Soy Luz. She leads yoga & Shamanic medicine retreats in English & Spanish. She teaches yoga & pranayama, she guides shamanic journeying and meditations. She lights the path for those that are ready to discover the healer in them.

In a Shamanic retreat, Luz was introduced to an Elemental Rhythm breathwork session and her experience took her into a journey only compared to sitting with the plant medicine. Then she understood breathwork is the door to connect deeper not only with herself but also with her clients. The path led her here!

“We are all one. Discover the healer in you”