Founder of Lucid Breathing, Certified hypnotherapist, Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Coach, & Visionary Artist.  Sessions with me will activate your mind-body-soul connection. They are an initiation into the embodiment of your Higher Self.

I have 7 years experience working in the field of personal development. And 15 years of my own personal expansion work. My sessions are influenced by my background in hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindful Self Compassion, Authentic Relating, and ‘Focusing’ (an experience of the body’s felt sense & innate intelligence).

I believe we have everything we need within us to gain access to our highest potential. As a coach my job is to ask deep, exploratory questions to help you unlock that next level of your personal evolution.

I hold a compassionate, inquisitive, non judgemental space of “Welcoming Everything”.Each breathwork journey we take together allows for deep-dive exploration, full cathartic release, metamorphic transformation and intentional integration.