Misha Lee

My purpose as a breathwork facilitator and coach isn’t just about sharing breathing techniques that help you breathe better.

It’s to support you through the growing pains of the soul-level transformation which can come alongside these practices.

While breathwork is a practical tool for optimizing physical health it can also be a gateway to transcendental experiences.

It’s important that we curiously inquire about the sensations in the body during our time together.

So we can learn to honestly and curiously BE WITH whatever rises throughout the breathwork session.

My coaching practice, rooted in a trauma-informed approach, offers a space for radical authenticity, self compassion and response-ability.

I have a life-long background in dreamwork.

So, I’ve got a very jungian approach to coaching sessions. I see life as a dream that I’ve woken up inside of and because of that, I will be particularly curious about the metaphors, archetypes and symbolism that show up in your life.

I have designations in Breathwork, Hypnosis & NLP.

I’ve received training in Mindful Self Compassion, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, Vipassana, Authentic Relating & Radical Aliveness.

My ongoing personal studies include: somatic internal family systems, focusing & somatics.

As far as personal interests, I’m also a self-taught visionary collage artist.