Nicole Scott

Hello, I’m Nicole, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with expertise in Menopause and Healthy Lifestyles. I’m also an accomplished Author and a Networking Marketing Professional. Back in 2005, I joined forces with a Global Health Company, and today my team ranks among the company’s top performers. We offer a nurturing community, the potential for residual income, and a program for a healthy lifestyle. In 2018, I initiated the Gorgeous Grey Movement after a health scare prompted me to embrace my natural beauty and pen the book “Gorgeous Grey Movement – Embracing Your Sparkle with Confidence.” More recently, I’ve been dedicated to helping women tackle weight issues during menopause. My own journey of shedding 25 pounds during this phase inspired me to co-create the Menopause Reset 10-week program. Additionally, I’ve delved into healing retreats and found a deep connection with breathwork, which has allowed me to experience emotional healing. Determined to share this transformative experience, I now conduct elemental rhythm classes both in-person and online for my community. My ultimate mission is to empower women to lead fulfilling lives and inspire them to embrace health in their ever-changing bodies.