Nikki Singh

My name is Nikki Singh. I have been gifted with knowledge and wisdom that has been passed on through my matriarchal blood line and as a result, I’ve been in healing arts all my life. With the many modalities I have acquired over time, I was looking for something to add to my tool box. As they say, whatever you seek is seeking you, and that is when I met Giovanni Bartolomeo during a breathwork experience. Giovanni is the founder of Elemental Rhythm Breathwork and has created a beautiful programme where I got to experience deep joy, connection, healing and inner exploration. It was unlike any other Breathwork I had ever experienced. My mind was blown away and I wanted everyone to experience what I did. I knew in my heart that this is what I was looking for to add to my practice ~ a modality where I can further assist those who seek healing and transformation through breathwork which is available to everyone. I wanted to be the change that I wanted to see and I rose to the occasion.

I followed my heart and became a breathwork facilitator and a breathwork coach. The course was very insightful with an amazing community of like-minded souls. I learned a lot which brought more ease and flow into my life, reduced my stress and brought me more into my body. I was happier and my passion was reignited. The course itself was well formatted with breathing techniques and meditations that provided results beyond measure. It really gave me a chance to connect with my inner and higher self. It also gave me the opportunity to travel to different locations to facilitate. Since my true nature is about love and compassion it was very easy to follow through. During this time in humanity where so many are being called to become more conscious beings, we really need more breathwork facilitators. The time is now and I am absolutely loving this new venture. Thank you Giovanni Bartolomeo for crossing my path and making it bright and colorful. I love what you do and am glad to be a witness to more magic in life.