Paris Qian

Hey there, I’m Paris, and I’m excited to be your guide on a journey filled with positivity and transformation through Elemental Breathwork! My roots trace back to a Chinese upbringing, where conversations about emotions and love weren’t common. Growing up, I became a pro at wearing masks, always flashing a bright smile while hiding a whirlwind of emotions inside. But then came the magical discovery of breathwork, and everything changed. It helped me break free from my emotional restraints, like a burst of sunshine breaking through the clouds.

During a breathwork session, I faced a significant blockage in my throat chakra. While everyone else was letting out their emotions, I initially felt stuck. But, with determination, I pushed through, and the experience turned out to be incredibly beautiful and liberating. It transformed my relationship with my emotions, making me realize they’re something to celebrate.

Now, as an Elemental Breathwork facilitator, my mission is to spread the joy of this beautiful practice to as many people as possible. I’m here to help you discover the awesome power of your breath and embark on an exciting journey into your inner world. Drawing from my background as a DJ and dancer, I’ll infuse our sessions with the magic of music and movement, making it a cheerful and uplifting experience. Join me on this adventure, and together, we’ll uncover the incredible potential of breathwork while sharing lots of smiles and positive vibes along the way! 😊🌟