Patrick Sirianni

Patrick’s background and career are in education; however, it is life’s twists and turns that brought him to the spiritual path. Patrick began his journey with a deep dive into Buddhism and meditation where he found awareness, peace, acceptance, and as a result, more joy. Through a desire to know his deeper truth, he was led to try different healing modalities, bringing him to plant medicines with the support of Shamans. It was here that Patrick was able to tap into something deeper through the use of breath.

Upon hearing the name Wim Hoff, Patrick began studying the Wim Hoff Method (WHM) of breathwork. For a couple of years, WHM became a staple practice before being introduced to Elemental Rhythm Breathwork. Studying under Giovanni Bartolomeo (Wim Hoff student and creator of Elemental Rhythm), Patrick found a deep sense of peace that he’d only found in plant medicines and Shamanic Reiki Healing.

Patrick is excited to share different healing modalities with you and support you in finding your way to a breakthrough, all while you’re in the driver’s seat!


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