Facilitator – Rita Savoia

Rita Savoia​

Rita Savoia is a holistic wellness & nutrition coach, workplace wellness consultant, breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor, speaker, and mental health & longevity advocate.

Rita is convinced that by removing the interference will allow your body’s innate intelligence to self-heal so that you can become your own health hero and maximize your performance potential, live your highest vibrating life and thrive as you age.

Rita founded Savoia Self-Care Holistic Wellness and created the 6 Pillars of Self-Care aimed at resetting back to the basics, because getting healthy doesn’t have to be so complicated. The pillars are based on the holistic integration of the heart, mind and body that bridge the gap between our emotions, thoughts and physical body.

She is a heart-centered practitioner and passionate about organizing local and international health talks, wellness workshops, and destination retreats on various self-care activities that promote healing, emotional release and spiritual renewal.