Robbie Bent

Robbie’s first breathwork experience was through the Wim Hof method where he met Gio at a live event.  From Wim Hof, Robbie read every single research paper and book on breathwork and breathing techniques and eventually did an elemental rhythm breakthrough with Gio that blew his mind and inspired him to dive deeper into breathwork. Some say that session was the acorn seed that planted the othership. He then worked with Gio to pioneer the first ever breathwork concert tour in North America performing shows in Toronto, Miami, New York and LA combining live music, soundscapes and other modalities to create a “Cirque de Soleil” inner space journey for the mind.  His mission in life is to use breathwork to create new social experiences that inspire awe and belonging while moving our cultures focus away from alcohol.  Robbie has also performed with Secular Sabbath and Soho House in Greece. 

Robbie Bent is one of the co-founders of Othership, the first ice bath and sauna classes in North America focused on emotional wellness paired with a breathwork mobile app. Robbie’s built Othership to create connection and is his response to struggling with addiction. Robbie is a GP at Vine Ventures, a Psychedelic Medicine venture fund committed to giving 50% of profits to research and charitable causes.  Prior to Othership, Robbie was an early employee at the Ethereum Foundation.