Sara Ross Schlatter

During her first Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience, Sara knew she wanted to dive deeper into the power of breath and guide others to do the same. Sara is passionate about the alchemy of combining breath with movement, gratitude, visualization meditation, evocative music and sound healing to enhance the experience. As a Certified Elemental Breathwork guide and facilitator, Sara upholds space and connects very deeply with her clients guiding them on a journey of self-discovery: body, soul and spirit – helping them to release old stories and emotions then empowering and inspiring them to bring in greater peace, love and joy to help them transform their lives. Sara has been on a self-development journey for over 25 years and worked in the Wellness industry in many capacities including leading corporate workshops in Mindfulness, Movement, Meditation and Breath. She is also a certified kids/teens yoga and meditation coach. Sara enjoys speaking and media engagements, as well as participating in and hosting retreats. As a life long wholistic health and self-love advocate, Sara brings positive and loving energy to everything she does.