Sonja Solter

In addition to breathwork facilitation, Sonja is an author and writing mentor, certified IAT relationship and life coach, and spiritual companion. She offers group and tailored individual sessions in person and virtually, combining these modalities in whatever way best fits those she works with. She explores the spiritual journey and how we can relate on deeper levels and access our Oneness in her Youtube/podcast channel @wholinessconnection and attachment-style relationship healing @WholeConnectRelationship.


Sonja's guidance through an Elemental Breathwork session was such a lovely experience. The pattern of breath and music brought forth a strong but gentle release, and later, the deepest sleep I've had in ages. Sonja's gentle voice and encouragement was very welcome, and I felt free to go as far as I felt comfortable. I'm looking forward to my next session! --Mary WasmerI felt energized and empowered after the breathwork session with you. It was a wonderful experience and your cueing was clear and helpful. You created a safe, enjoyable space to practice this powerful work!
Kellie Benoy