Stephanie Olivia Stalteri

Stephanie, a passionate advocate for self-inspiration and holistic well-being, has embarked on a remarkable journey of personal growth and transformation. From an early age, Stephanie held a deep-seated desire to inspire others but grappled with uncertainty about the ‘how’ and ‘in what way’ of becoming that guiding light. It was during these moments of introspection that Stephanie was offered invaluable advice – to inspire others, one must first inspire oneself. This revelation set Stephanie on a path of self-discovery, leading to a profound encounter with the transformative potential of breathwork. In the gentle embrace of this practice, Stephanie unearthed a profound release of long-held trauma that had nestled deep within the recesses of her body since childhood. It was a moment of profound healing, an awakening to the latent strength dwelling within, waiting to be harnessed. From that pivotal first breathwork experience, Stephanie embarked on a relentless quest to deepen her understanding of the breath’s potential. Through dedicated practice, she has learned how breathwork can create a sacred space for joy and gratitude to flourish, forging a closer connection between body, mind, and soul. It became evident that the breath could serve as the bridge to personal transformation, offering a profound sense of alignment and well-being. Driven by a deep desire to share this transformative practice with others, Stephanie has become a trained Elemental Breathwork Facilitator. She is committed to illuminating the path to self-inspiration and holistic wellness, reminding us all that, like the breath itself, the power to inspire resides within each of us. Stephanie seeks to empower individuals with the profound understanding that they too possess the power to unlock their inner potential through the simple act of conscious breathing.