Tracey Robinson

Tracey is a shamanic energy medicine practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher, reiki master and breathwork facilitator.

Her healing journey began in 2007 after a series of traumatic events and a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition. This healing journey provided all the synchronicity she needed to begin practicing meditation and eventually lead her down the pathway of teaching – mindfulness, meditation, qi gong, yoga and more recently breathwork.

In 2016, the universe conspired a chance meeting to assist with the creation of her own business – Elements Health & Fitness. This business brings together physical movement and mindset classes such as yoga & meditation, along with where she practices and offers energy medicine, reiki and crystal light bed therapy sessions.

Tracey discovered breathwork a few years ago and felt this was a wonderful way to empower yourself through breath, to reconnect to your spirit and to assist in your own healing journey. Through synchronicity and alignment, Tracey found Elemental Rhythm and was truly excited to bring this missing piece to the holistic approach in her business, to help others with their own individual healing journeys and to inspire others to find their true paths.




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