Wes Greenwood

I am… Wesley Greenwood, a son, a father, an intensely curious explorer, a believer, a seeker of truth, a compassionate guide… and most recently, a breathwork facilitator.  A guiding star for me the last several years came in the form of  a quote by English psychoanalyst, Donald Winnicott: ‘The catastrophe you fear will happen has in fact already happened.’ I was enamored by this. At the time I saw it, I was in the throws of a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown. Coincidentally, at the same time, the world was in a Pandemic seemingly similar in nature.

At this point of collapse, I had achieved what I set out to do in life. I had financial success, a strong body, a beautiful family, world travels, many friends. But there was a hole.  A shaky foundation.  A  lifetime of suppressed and repressed emotions.  Many compensatory masks not of conscious choosing.  A feeling of being lost and alone internally despite being surrounded by so much externally. 

The quote above provided a beacon of light. A sign to look within for the root of the fear that was causing the feeling of catastrophe in the present moment.  One of the tools I used to do this was Breathwork.  I’m grateful for this practice and all the gifts it has bestowed within me.  Breathwork has provided me with a consistent, repeatable and dependable practice to keep me grounded and embodied in my sense of self. 

After several years of self practice and guidance from many beautiful souls, I began to facilitate for others. My intention is to deliver the benefits that I’ve realized from Breathwork to those whom are open to receive. 

To provide a grounding presence where one feels safe enough to take the dive within. A space for you to see your inner world and how it influences your outer world. 

Most notably, a sense of wellbeing within yourself, for yourself, no matter how things may feel. May I help you avoid the pain I’ve experienced in life, or move through it faster than I did. 

I honor you for considering this practice of breathwork.