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Each session takes place weekly Monday nights at 8:00PM EST and Thursday afternoon at 2:00PM EST.

Get ready for a transformative, immersive experience from the comfort of your home! All levels welcome. One of our certified facilitators will guide you through the session. You’ll get the guidance you need if you’re just starting out, and motivation to proceed if you’re experienced. Invite your friends and family for a fabulous start to the week!

Word of warning: our classes are more addictive than Netflix – they can make you feel so good you might have just developed a new Monday night habit.

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Hear from other participants

Breathwork is getting a lot of attention and rightly so as it can be one of the most powerfully health promoting practices that exists. The expertise of the practitioner in knowing what each individual needs, when and how to access it is the key to creating a powerful peak experience. Gio has mastered the art of directing a powerful breath practice. His authentic and grounding nature creates an ideal Space for the experience. My time with him was valuable, memorable and I always look forward to the next time.

Ben Pakulski

Professional Body Builder, High Impact Coach,

Elemental Rhythm Participant

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Elemental Rhythm Facilitator

The Elemental Breathwork Training was such an eye opening experience. Learning not only how to teach the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience, but also the power of our breath on our mind, body and spirit was so empowering. This unique breathwork training allows you to tap into your own creativity to combine movement, sound, breath and meditation to curate a beautiful class.

Alia Jiwani 

Yoga Instructor

Elemental Rhythm Facilitator

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Elemental Rhythm Facilitator

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Elemental Rhythm Participant


Breathwork is an incredible modality that helps maintain focus, clear the mind and improve performance. I really found the elemental rhythm breathwork experience impactful and can see its potential to help many people.

Kelly Slater

11 time world surfing champion

Elemental Rhythm Participant


The breathwork experience with Gio is incredible! It has been an amazing resource for deeper self-connection, awareness and to feel more grounded on a regular basis. I highly recommended this to everyone! Gio is a fantastic guide in the experience.

Thais Gibson

Founder of The Personal Development

Elemental Rhythm Participant

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Fabian Peralta

Elemental Rhythm Participant


Elemental Rhythm Breathwork is a unique and powerful experience that has the potential to change lives. As a coach, mom and entrepreneur I am a firm believer in the power of breathwork as a daily practice to help bring balance and clarity to your life!

Natalie Jill

High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, Mom

Elemental Rhythm Participant

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Elemental Rhythm Facilitator

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork has taken the beautiful healing modality of breathwork to the next level!! I truly feel that no stone was left unturned to find all the essential components necessary to ensure the wonderful and complete feeling of wholeness presented by this experience.

Matt “Freq” Casey

F-16 Fighter Pilot Lt Colonel, USAF (ret)

Elemental Rhythm Participant

Before attending Gio’s breathwork techniques I had no idea, how incredible, invigorating it would be. I literally feel the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Meditating to soothing music and feeling stress float away. The feeling is incredible, after each session I feel less anxiety, more energy, my self awareness increases. Most important (for me), I go home and have the best sound sleep!

Thank you Giovanni, for all you do, in the name of Love, Peace and Harmony! Love for One Love for All

Carrol Isaacs

Lead Talent Aquisition Advisor

Elemental Rhythm Participant



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