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Prerequisite: Facilitator

Breathwork Coach training consists of two parts in a back to back weekend session Breathing Functional Breathing Fundamentals and Elemental Rhythm Breathwork coaching. This program was designed because we noticed that many people were having amazing experiences with the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (EBE) but still had very poor breathing mechanics. Many people do not breathe properly. Incorrect breathing can lead to many physical mental and even emotional challenges in life. Anything from poor circulation, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, asthma, poor athletic performance, erectile disfunction high blood pressure and many more can be directly related to incorrect breathing.

The course we developed can help people not only correct their breathing but potentially reverse many of the issues they may be currently facing. The body is an amazing tool and with a little bit of practice and dedication amazing changes can occur. As part of our training we will be educating the facilitators to use these techniques on themselves so they can then share and teach others. You will be able to impact peoples live and eventually get paid to do it as well! Once you have completed this level you will be able to work with clients 1 on 1 and help them improve their breathing mechanics as well as help improve mental and emotional states of being.

In part 2 of our Coach training we dive a little deeper “holding space” as a coach for our clients.
As we started working more with clients and students 1 on 1 our breathwork sessions and fundamentals sessions started evolving into coaching sessions. Many things come up in an experience from emotional release to gaining clarity and insights. In this training we teach facilitators how to hold space for their clients, and help them to continue to grow with their new insights and learnings.

Holding space is not about having the answers or teaching the clients or giving advice. It’s really about active listening, asking the right questions, helping them to come up with their own solutions or ideas and holding them accountable for the things they commit to. In this training we provide a framework to accomplish all this and more with practice sessions over a 8 week period to get you completely comfortable working with others to assist in their personal development and transformational journey.

In this level We also introduce and teach our Elemental Mind Work program that follows a subconscious reprogramming process that combine breathwork with guided prompts and meditation to help the client unlock their full potential. This allows the coach to customize breathwork sessions for each client and help them go deeper into areas of their life they wish to explore and unpack.

71+ hours
Live Online Workshop: 2 full day of training Online Via zoom (12 hours)
Weekly Zoom Calls: 1.5 Hours per week over 8 weeks (12 hours)
Self Practice / Home Study: You will be given homework for daily self practice 30 minutes per day (21 hours)
Partner Practice Calls: You will be assigned a weekly partner who is also studying to get certified to practice weekly (12 hours)
8 Independent Practice Sessions: Once you have completed initial training you will need to do 10 practice sessions with family and friends (60 minutes each total 10 hours)
Final Examination: You will need to demonstrate (online) your abilities to facilitate a full session and will be graded with a pass or fail (2 hours)

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January 20th – 21st, 2024, January 25th – 26th, 2025