The Rhythm Begins with You: a 5-Day Journey to Discover the Magic of Breathwork

– Learn this instant hack to breathe better, experience the euphoria of your first breathwork breakthrough, and more!

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If you’ve ever felt the tightness in your stomach from:

  • Getting an unexpected bill
  • Being stuck in traffic on your way to an important meeting
  • Having a disagreement with a loved one
  • Still being awake at 3AM

What if you had a tool to make you feel less stress and more serenity in seconds? Something that didn’t require you to get motivated, get changed, get dressed, or even get out of bed, but simply to… breathe?

That thing exists – and it’s called breathwork.

We know the overwhelm from diving into something new. That’s why we created The Rhythm Begins with You. Over 5 days, you’ll experience the benefits of breathwork and beyond. Come experience it for yourself!

What you’ll learn

We want you to thrive in life. But we also know that you’re busy.

That’s why Elemental Rhythm goes beyond breathwork sessions – you’ll also learn how to breathe better every moment of every day. We’ll give you a sample of our unique coaching framework that hundreds of students have successfully used to experience more loving relationships, achieve better health and emotional stability.

Feel Clarity and Presence

Try this quick 10-minute guided experience when you need to make an important decision or feel more grounded and present.

Breathe Better on Autopilot

We’ll share a tip and a breathing exercise to balance your breathing and maximize the power of each breath. Dive in and notice how you’ll stay calm in stressful situations!

Cultivate Emotional Resilience

The Rhythm Begins with You will teach you exercises and tips that will help you create emotional resilience and the power to choose your reactions. Invaluable in relationships, business and when unexpected things happen!

Experience a Breakthrough

When you have a moment to go deeper, try this mini version of our Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience combining breathing, intention, movement and meditation. You’ll reconnect with yourself and feel your full power in this transformative experience!

Heal a Relationship part 1

Be it with yourself or someone else, this powerful MindWork track uses breathwork + subconscious reprogramming to give you a fresh perspective on the relationship dynamics and how to balance it. This is the first track in our Mind Work series for Relationships.

Feel Excited
About Life

Take our Morning Motivation track for the best invested 10 minutes of your day. Start your day intentionally to evoke an emotional state of excitement and a zest for life.

Why Take this Course?

The Rhythm Begins with You serves you a taste of all that Elemental Rhythm has to offer. This is not one of those courses you regret signing up for and leave feeling like you just wasted 10 minutes of your life. Our intention is to provide real value – you get to try breathwork classes and guided experiences normally reserved for our paid membership. Whether or not you want to explore the rest of our platform, you’ll notice a shift in your health and happiness if you take all the modules of the course. We’re excited to share this experience with you!


The Rhythm Begins with You Mini Course is for You if:

In The Rhythm Begins with You Mini Course You’ll Learn:

About Elemental Rhythm Breathwork

Elemental Rhythm was founded by Giovanni Bartolomeo (Gio) after he had experienced an intense shift after just one breathwork session. He wanted to share the feeling of having the power of your personal growth in your own hands through something as simple as breathing. Gio experimented with different modalities until he found the recipe for an experience that created transformations on repeat. The Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience was born (which you’ll get to try in the mini course!) that hundreds of people have experienced in the Elemental studio in Vaughan, Ontario.

Elemental Rhythm has since expanded from in-person sessions into an online platform and facilitator trainings. We also offer breathwork-based coaching using the uniquely developed MindWork Technique for fast and lasting results.

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